We offer project management, construction management, constructability and building commissioning services for school districts throughout the State of Oregon. In the past 12 years we have completed an excess of $400 Million in project planning and completed construction for Oregon and Washington School Districts. Our experience in providing project services to school districts is exemplified by a commitment and proven track record for delivering projects to market, economically and efficiently achieving owner’s goals.

We are Unique in Several Ways:

  • We provide “concept to completion” services. This means that we are prepared to support school districts from the pre-bond phase to construction closeout with a consistent process and staff. Districts can also pick and choose from a menu of tasks to assure a proper fit with district capabilities.
  • We are specialists. We provide construction related services exclusively to school districts. Therefore, we have a high degree of expertise in these building types.
  • Our entire agency is dedicated to the support of school districts; we are a natural advocate for our client districts in the area of construction management services. We play the role of an extension of the districts staff.